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Stugan - History

The city park in Jönköping was founded in 1896. An area where they served coffee was meant to occur already from the beginning and therefore a pavilion was built where coffee, tea, cocoa and lemonades were for sale. Simpler tables and chairs were placed around the pavilion. The coffee area was lucrative and therefore the pavilion became too small.

In 1902 the coffee area was increased through the building of a separate kitchen area. On the location of the pavilion and in connection with the coffee area Stugan Café was built after the design of city architect August Atterström. Now when Stugan was situated in the city park they could have service all year around. Jönköping's first Danish pastry and other pastries were made in Stugan. It became a popular place for outings not only as a café but also for private events in the evenings.

Already after a few years also this building became too small and in 1908 Stugan was expanded after a design of Albin Brag. The two floors large extension was made in the same style as the old section. Because of the extension Stugan was modernized with technical equipments as central heat and water. Two years later Stugan got electric lighting. Every new room got its own range of colors and furniture. The red room was decorated in 1911 with paintings of Wilhelm Holmgren. These paintings are still left in original.

Because of Word War One it became a lack of flour and therefore no bread could be served in 1917. Six years later, in 1923, Stugan had competition from other open-air restaurants. Stugan could attract people with its newly baked bread and pastries because a brick oven had been built in the kitchen. To attract even more people to Stugan coffee concerts and promenade concerts with dancing were organized and in 1927 there were built a music pavilion in front of Stugan. Göran Paulis suggestions of renovation were carried through in 1934, among other things the kitchen needed to be larger and more modern.

The city park committee who had responsibility for the city park was dissolved in 1970 and the park administration took over the responsibility. Technical office became the administrator of Stugan Café.

1972-1978 Restaurant Fernhill AB

1978-1986 Christian Cooperative Council

1986-2000 Christian Cooperative Council of Jönköping together with Lars Granqvist

2000-2004 Cafeteria Marilotte AB/Lars Granqvist

2005- Stugan - Café & Restaurang AB

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